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Re: [RC] 'pound dog' mentality for horses? - GoldenCMK

In a message dated 9/4/2004 11:54:24 AM Central Standard Time, sunibey@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:
One thing for people to know who sell their horses at auction:  horses that have been trained to be ridden are culled by some of the feedlot owners and are put aside while he tries to sell them.  Bottom line, if you send your young, untrained horses and your untrained broodmares to auction, you are very often sending them to French dinner plates
This is such a pet peeve of mine. Why do SO many Arabian owners not break their horses? This is a horrible epidemic that Arab owners need to remedy. I make a point of breaking all my horses, broodmares and stallions and I will not sell a horse over the age of 4 unbroke. They have a better chance of making it if they are at least broke.
Another problem is too many people breeding for the sake of breeding. I know of someone who is plain and simple a "puppy mill" in Arabs, breeds over 10 mares a yr, sells the foals for almost nothing, and usually not halter broke. Most of the adults are not halter broke. It is a sad situation, but what can you do?