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RE: [RC] [RC] Hurricane Charley - Kelly Lane

Wish i were closer (coastal VA). My kind of party!


>From: "Howard Bramhall" <howard9732@xxxxxxx> >To: AERCMembersForum@xxxxxxxxxxxx, ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx >Subject: RE: [RC] Hurricane Charley >Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2004 08:56:59 -0400 > >Hurricane Party headquarters is at 67 Buckskin Lane, Ormond Beach, >FL, 32174. Located off Route 40, 5 miles west of I-95. Mapquest it >now, before you lose power. Bring lots of beer, ice, and, be >prepared to see naked, middle aged folks (and older) running around >all over the place after the horses settle down and the beer kicks >in. Phone 386-677-3052 (reservations are not required). > >The limited distance ride will begin as soon as the winds drop down >below 65 MPH. We expect this to happen around midnite. Our ride >timer will be anyone sober enough to see a clock in the dark. OUr >vets will be anyone sober enough to take a pulse. And, since we >don't really have any permission from the State Forest officials to >do any of this (hey, in a hurricane, there won't be any patrols on &g t;the trails) we have named this ride Hurricane Hunter's Renegade >Endurance Ride. I have no idea where the "hunter" came from, but, >it makes it sound kinda cool. (Actually, in the Air Force, those >pilots who fly their C130's into the hurricane are called Hurrican >Hunters, so, there you go!) > >So, be not afraid, bring your horse, bring some hay (don't forget >the beer) and it will be a week-end to remember, that's for sure. > >cya, >Howard (your humble host) > > >----Original Message Follows---- >From: Barnsourfarm@xxxxxxx >To: ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx >Subject: [RC] Hurricane Charley >Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2004 08:19:44 EDT > >One way to mark your horse is to spray paint your phone number on >his side. >I did this for previous hurricanes. An open pasture, in my opinion, >is the >safest place for your horse. I have a 10 acre cleared pasture in >Morriston if >anyone needs a safe place for their horse. My number is >352-528-2626. Of >course, it looks like I am in the path of the hurricane so Howard's >place might be >the ticket. Carla > >_________________________________________________________________ >Don?t just search. Find. Check out the new MSN Search! >http://search.msn.click-url.com/go/onm00200636ave/direct/01/ > > >=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= > >Ridecamp is a service of Endurance Net, http://www.endurance.net. >Information, Policy, Disclaimer: http://www.endurance.net/Ridecamp >Subscribe/Unsubscribe http://www.endurance.net/ridecamp/logon.asp > >Ride Long and Ride Safe!! > >=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= >
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