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[RC] DMG in competition? - need ruling from Committees - Magnumsmom

Frances, gmbootballet@xxxxxxx wrote
> [...]
> "...
he is recommending that I use DMG. I told him that it is illegal in competition and his response was that 
> everyone uses it and why shouldn't you?" I have never used this stuff and the research that I've done claims
> that it didn't work in the clinical testing that was done. What's the big deal? Does it work to reduce lactic
> acid levels? Is it illegal? Should I consider using it in training and then withdrawing it before competition? I
> know that riders use it without qualms and are winning on it. What's the scoop?"

First, I'd put for the question to our AERC rules committee and the AERC vet
committee.  There does exist grey areas under Rule 13, although I believe it
is a good rule and a good place for endurnace riding (zero drug tolerance). 
That said, there has been quite a bit of discussion about "It doesn't test,
therefore it must be OK" vs "The integrity of Endurance Competition requires
that the equine is not influenced by any drug, medication or veterinary
treatment. Endurance equines must compete entirely on their natural
ability. AERC prohibits from competition equines who contain evidence of
the administration of abnormal substances or of normal substances in
abnormal amounts (exogenously administered compounds even if
normally found endogenously). "  (Rule 13)

The list of permissable substances lists 'All foodstuffs traditionally
known as “nutrients” '.  So your question falls somewhere between
"is DMG a 'foodstuff traditionally known as a nutrient', or 'normal
substances in abnormal amounts' given to 'artificially enhance the
performace of the equine'.

The first is allowed.  The second is a violation of Rule 13.

Your question is a good one and should be answered in writing by either
the Rule committee, the Vet committee, or both.  You should formally
contact them directly.  If you are unable to obtain a written ruling from
either of these two committees, you may need to file a protest to find
out.  Atleast that's been the answer to such grey area questions on
Ridecamp previously (check the archives). 

Also, while the protest I filed last year was regarding something much
more obvious than DMG, the ruling from John Parke was a good one
and opens the door for further work and definition regarding Rule 13.  
The ruling was recently publish (in May or June) and is up on the
aerc.org website.  Read the details. 

Please let us all know what you find out from our committees regarding
DMG in competition.

Kathy Myers
in Santa Fe, NM