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Re: [RC] Tevis Sponsorship - Chris Paus

Boy oh boy, have people got their panties in a wad
over this!

Good grief. I'm patriotic too. My favorite brother was
in Qattar setting up the perimeter security before the
war ever started. My other brother was a tanker pilot
(flying gas station) in the first gulf war. My sister
is a full bird USAF colonel in AF intelligence. I knew
this war was coming long before the masses did. I'm as
patriotic and flag waving as they come.

BUTT, I'm not going to be blinded by that patriotism.
I think it's quite clear that not much really would
have been said had it been Pepsi or Ariat or someone
else sponsoring Tevis to the tune of $35,000.

The ride has not been sold to the highest bidder. YOU
ALL GOT TO DO THE RIDE. It exists. It is there for all
of us. It is an experience like no other in horsedom.
I would have been thrilled to crew or volunteer just
to be part of the event.

I put on a few little local CTRs and have done for for
7 years. Finally quit because it was too much work
marking trail, getting vets, finding volunteers, and
yes, begging for sponsorships. Even in my little
rides, I couldn't have done it without sponors. Yes, I
proudly flew the State Line banner at my rides and any
other banners and posters that sponsors wanted. They
were generous as were local sponsors. Each sponsor did
so hoping to get his or her product out to the riders
hoping that donation would turn into eventual sales.

I've been to my share of rides that don't have
sponsors. Frankly the awards suck without sponsorship.
Yes, we all do these rides for the miles, the
recognition and the glory, but admit it, it is nice to
have SOMETHING to bring home to show your friends that
you did it.

Yes, UAE doesn't have a "product" to sell. Maybe only
a small piece of goodwill in a tumultous world. I
think that alone is worth saying thank you for.

If you look hard enough for sinister ulterior motives,
you'll find them, but I prefer the glass half full

--- "Chris T. Martin" <nitram@xxxxxx> wrote:


Agree to disagree.

I guess you can equate the UAE sponsorship just like
Pepsi, Easyboot, AT&T, I CAN'T,  I have a hard time
see two as the same.  What do they have to advertise
that requires all the banners, bags, hats t-shirts

You gotta be kiddin  "you must then think of the
buckle given to the sponsor in the same way, a gift,
from the heart, in sincere appreciation of, and in
reciprocation of, their gift to all of us."

I can't  speek to others with buckles, but for me
giving one away to someone who has not done the ride
would not even cross my mind.  You gotta have one to
know how you feel about.  I only wear my first
buckle, which is not necessarly my most memorable,
the rest are in my sock drawer.

(Yes I know the buckle was not the
same).............................And yes I know
that when you look at flag on the right side of your
car it appears to be blowing backwards.

Do not mess with my flag!!!  It needs to fly the way
it was intended too.

Chris Martin

From: Ed Kilpatrick <whytrotfarms@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [RC]   tevis sponsorship

i had a few thoughts on this subject to share,
although it has mostly been covered from both sides.
     it was my first tevis experience, and i can
truly say that the recognition of the sponsorship
did not bother me in the least, nor did it diminish
the accomplishments that we made as a team, rider,
horse, and crew.  that accomplishment is ours to
keep and cherish for as long as we are able.  becky
has her buckle and i am very proud for her, and i
doubt seriously that she is concerned that a sponsor
received a commemorative buckle.   
     i wondered how the dispensation of buckles is
handled by some, like those who hire a rider to ride
their horse, lease horses to riders, those who ride
their own horse, or in our case, lend a horse to a
friend in order to help fulfill a dream.   i am sure
that in all of these scenarios, there are people out
there who are in possession of tevis belt buckles
who have never ridden the ride.  there may even be
someone out there who has a tevis buckle, who has
never been on a horse. i thought about all the
people who have 10+ belt buckles.  i know they arent
wearing all of them.  maybe they are on display in
their homes or some other place.  but i am sure that
some tevis buckles have been given as cherished
gifts to family and friends, by riders who wanted to
share something special.  a gift, pure and simple,
given from the heart.  you must then think of the
buckle given to the sponsor in the same way, a gift,
from the heart, in sincere appreciation of, and in
reciprocation of, their
 gift to all of us.   down here where i live, it is
considered impolite to refuse a gift, in fact, it
borders on an insult.  i have no doubts of the
sincerity of the emmirates international endurance
village.  endurance is their passion.  many of us
share that passion.  they are our comrades in a
sport that we all love and enjoy.  let's not
diminish ourselves, our horses, or the sport the we
love by being ungrateful.        ed

"A good horse makes short miles," George Eliot

Chris and Star

BayRab Acres


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[RC] Tevis Sponsorship, Chris T. Martin