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RE: [RC] Moon light Ride in South Carolina - Mary Maynard

Ridecamp is great..for me, it helps with my sanity in Flordia to connect with fellow endurance riders..I tried to keep tabs on Tevis, but I was riding too..so I rushed home ( 12 hour drive home ) to see the results.... good for Tammera Mederios and all my pals back in Ca as well as the FL gals for the huge ordeal of travelin there, an even attempting the ride!!! And of course all the others... It is amazing how I can be all the way across the country and LIVE for the Tevis still...I do miss California and Tevis.

I did whimp out on the moonlight ride. :-(
I have never started a ride at night ie 7PM in 90 plus degree weather with very high humidity before... by the time I had reached the 75 mile mark I had been up for more then 35 hours and had at the very least 6 hours left to ride in the heat of the day. I was spent, as was Sophie. She had gotten all A's and a B on gut but appeared more tired then I have ever seen her.
It was a very mentally tough ride because you had to repeat the same two loops over and over again for 100 miles....ie 6 times in and out the same way with only 30 min holds...When I quit all the other riders except the lady in front of me (who is Samantha Sandler my new friend) ...were pulled from the ride - it was me and her and she had a 45 min lead on me. I left camp and intended to get off and run most of the next loop but Sophie was very depressed about going out, as was I..no fun riding alone because it feels like forever alone..and it was soo hot...I thought to myself :
"am I having fun?" and the answer was a resounding "NO"..so I turned her around and went back to camp.Very hard to do because I was thinking of Sophie's marred AERC record etc... and today I have regretted it more then once,,but I don't think Sophie regrets me turning back to camp. I will NEVER attempt a 100 mile ride that starts at night again.. it is physically too hard - especially since I have sleeping issues anyway.
I made many new friends. And as always; I loved the fellowship of camping together before a ride.
Samatha did a superb job -she is amazing - she stuck it out , all alone, and her horse looked super as she left to go out one last loop. Thank you to Oatis and the whole crew of people who put out effort to make this ride happen. I am sad I quit on one leval , I feel like a whimp..but I have a happy horse who will go on to many more rides I hope.

Mary Anne Maynard
and Sophie

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