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RE: [RC] Dealing w/ a horse that won't pulse down due toexcitement - Lynn Kinsky

Sorry to say...but not so fast. I have a mare that is just like they have discribed...I tried the "cover the eyes" trick. Didn't work. Had to bring up "a buddy" from the trailer in order to get her pulse down. I have been watching this thread, wanting to jump in, but not. But some horses are just not so easily handled. With this mare of mine, I make sure she has a buddy. If anyone out there has another idea, please let me know. She is a great horse, just needs that buddy.
Jody and the crazy

I crewed for a horse that just didn't like to be touched or fussed over. He fidgeted getting soaped up during a bath, and only managed to pulse down at NATRC rides because his superior metabolics let him pulse down without sponging. But at Tevis it was very hot and sponging was called for -- and his pulse stayed up (and he was pulled at Robinson Flat). Rather than fight an uphill battle, his owner traded the horse to an eventer friend for one of hers that she thought would do well in endurance. The new horse went on to finish Tevis several times and the first horse did well in three day events, where it didn't have to put up with a lot of handling and touching. Sometimes you have to fit the work to the horse. <g>

Lynn Kinsky, Santa Ynez, CA http://www.silcom.com/~lkinsky/


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RE: [RC] [RC] Dealing w/ a horse that won't pulse down due to excitement, Jody Rogers-Buttram