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[RC] Tevis and Carolina Moonlite - Jim Holland

Title: "It is necessary to be noble, and yet take humility as a basis

Got back from Carolina Moonlite about dark Friday and Joan and I headed straight or the PC to see how how the SE riders finished.  So proud of Becky!  Of course, it was that great mountain training up in Blue Ridge that made the difference! <grin>  Hope she got a Cougar Rock picture!  Thanks to everyone who put up the great pics!


Magic finished Top Ten (10th)  at Carolina Moonlite.  One B all day and finished all A’s and still wanting to go. Would probably have done a little better if I hadn’t missed the turn at the powerline on the 2nd loop.  Bright moonlite that changed to a ghostly fog after midnite.  Flying down the side of a paved road dodging mailboxes and looking for glowsticks in the dark was “interesting” to say the least! J  Got to ride with Stagg for a while on the last loop.  Had to go on because I was laughing too much at his “tales”!  Especially liked the one about where he was riding an ex-racehorse and they started the ride with a bugle.  ROFL!  Finished about 3:30 AM.


Sorry, Stagg…..didn’t intentionally bump you out of the Top Ten.  Didn’t even know I was in the Top Ten at that point.  Magic was still strong and I wanted to push him a little harder.  39 started the 50 and 29 finished.  There were about 70+ in the 25…..but I missed the first part of the awards meeting, so don’t know results.


Debra Ivey won the 50 and BC on Toby. I think Pat Oliva was middle of Top Ten.  Pat, would you please put a sign on that “dog” you call a horse so people won’t keep “capturing” him when he grazes through camp? J  Hot, hot, and more hot.  It was 99 degrees on my truck thermometer on the way home Sunday.  Trailer was an oven.  We stopped every two hours to give Magic water, a little grass, and some relief from the heat. So humid, everything was just soggy, with little rain showers moving through. Dang ants about toted us off!  Little buggers were everywhere!  Horses stomping, they were in our shoes and chairs.  We were all covered in ant bites. Gnawed a hole through the plastic in a loaf of bread!  I had visions of those cartoons where you see a bunch of ants under something lifting it at a picnic!  I swear it was moving!


Three riders started the 100.  At the 10:00 AM awards, one pull, Tim Worden was in at 75 and fit to continue, but “rider optioned” because his horse had some kind of heel problem.  Hope he will give us some details later.  There was one rider left in the 100 when we headed for home, but don’t know if she finished.


During the ride, a horse bolted out of a crew point at the vet check and disappeared into the night.  Anyone know if he was found? 


Jim, Sun of Dimanche+, and Mahada Magic (Who is glad to be home and out of the ants!)

[RC] SERA riders at Tevis, Truman Prevatt