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Re: [RC] [RC] [RC] Horse Buying/Selling - Ridecamp Guest

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You can find a $1000 dollar horse that will be your partner for 
10 years as easy as you can a $10,000 horse.  There are no 
guarantees that a $10,000 will work out any better than a $1000 
horse. I've seen several horses that people paid $10,000 for not
 work out and I've seen many horses people paid $1000 for work out.

Sure, because most of the $10K horses will be show ring rejects, 
not bred to do anything remotely athletic.  And most people breeding
FOR endurance end up selling their babies cheap because that's
what the endurance riders want - cheap.

The Arabian market continues to treat geldings in particular like
trash.  The best use for many well-bred geldings (by that I mean
bred for performance) will be as a distance horse.  But, endurance
riders don't want to pay more than $1000.  So, breeders are stuck
between a rock & a hard place: sell them cheap or keep putting more money into 

Breeding is a labor of love.  Some of us keep going dispite the
way we're treated and the attitudes we hear about how some horse
found at the killer pen is just as good as what we're breeding.  Some
horses at the killer pen are there through no fault of their own,
and they do deserve a second chance -- but, after all the money
that will actually go into that horse, it won't be any cheaper
than what a performance/endurance breeder has available.  Those of
us who keep breeding do so because we love the breed and don't 
want to see it handed over entirely to the show ring fads.



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