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[RC] FW: [RC] Rider's Knee Pain - Amber B Fort

Hi all,

I have been reading the knee pain thread with great interest. I wish my knee was just conformationly bad. 

I did have a serious injury in high school and did not officially know just how bad until recent pain forced me to go to an ortho doctor. 

When he read out the mri scan from my knee, he told me that eventually I would have to have a full knee replacement.  He felt I was too young to do it now as I am only in my 30's, claiming 29 as long as I can get away with it.

BASICLY, when I hurt the knee in high school, everything in the knee was torn, plus the little hook that your ligaments attatch too, well, it is stable but NOT attatched to the bone any longer.

Thank GOD, riding horses does NOT hurt.  I do have to ride with a longer stirrup but that is no biggy.  He also, told me I could do exercises to strengthen the ligaments in the knee.  So until the knee becomes unstable enough to warrant surgery, I am just dealing with it.  So I do have an excuse to ride-therapy for my knee.

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Hi Kristi; I went to a friend/orthopedic surgeon several years ago because of the riding knee pain. The minute he walked into the room, he said that I have chondromalacia patella too. He told me that his daughter also has it, but never complained until she became an aerobic instructor. He told me that many people have it, but never notice, until they start to do extensive sports that involve flexing of the knee...the English rider's leg position. So that would include people who do tennis, aerobics, martial arts, riding.  Since I talked with him, I have done a lot better. What I need to do, is on a very long ride, I bring some Tylenol with me, and take some before a ride. I'm allergic to Ibuprofen, or I might take that. I pay careful attention that my stirrups are equal in length, and I try to ride with them a little longer than I used to. More like dressage, then like hunter jumper. If you have a western type stirrup that might even be better. I also make a point of getti ng off the horse when I feel my knees start to twinge, just to walk for few minutes relieves the pain very quickly. Sometimes to take my legs out of the stirrups and just hang them helps too.  This is not an injury, it is more like a conformational defect. Kind of like offset cannons in a horse, sort of. He told me, that it is mother nature's attempt to straighten or align the tendons, in a leg that has a crook in it. If you look, you will see that your kneecaps most likely are angled inward. I guess that most folks are not angled. Mine got really bad after I got kicked and bled into the knee joint. That was the only time I used a brace. It's back to normal now.  I use joint supplements/GAGs religiously. My doc told me his daughter had a bunch of braces and they all wound up on the closet floor, they don't fix the problem. He would not do any surgery for it, he recommended the behavioral changes, and those worked fine for me. He didn't charge me a dime either!

So don't worry, you can  probably just work with it. Good luck to you, hope that helps.   Beth

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