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Re: [RC] horse behavior at 1st 50 - Sundaez

In a message dated 1/14/2004 8:12:34 PM Pacific Standard Time, rides2far@xxxxxxxx writes:
I truly believe they learn the game, the understand the concept of a
*race* and they want to win. When a horse wants to leave a big herd at
the vet check that's eating, because he sees a horse heading back out on
the trail and you can tell he's ticked that they're getting a head start,
it's not a matter of herd bound.
You know this makes a lot of sense how she was acting. Why would she want to leave food and rest and a bunch of horses? She wanted to leave the herd to "get that horse." Her eyes would just light up when she saw a horse leaving. This horse is basically a little lazy...that's what is confusing me. Once she "catches" a horse she is content to settle in behind them...unless we kick up the speed then wants to pass...not crazy like...just very determined.  If she has to lead at a walk she is a slow poke unless we pick up the speed. Alone she's fine though...goes any speed and really walks out. My ride pic shows her eyes absolutely blazing with determination. This ride had lots of open fields so she would see a horse way off and want to catch it.
BTW we took almost the full time to complete this ride. Walked down all the hills. Next time I'll probably go a little faster.
Endurance riding is amazing. I've learned more about horses in the past couple years then my entire horse owning life. There is just so much more to know. One of the main things I liked about doing a 50 is almost all the riders out there are more experienced in endurance so I got to gather tons of information on the trail. The information is good and flows freer than doing LDs.
Mel & Tess