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[RC] Managing Stallions in Public - Homer Safferwiffle

To the best of my knowledge all states hold owners and riders responsible for actions of stallions under their control. Anyone contemplating owning or riding a stallion should be aware of that. Boys will be boys, but uncontrolled boys can cause serious problems in public, including death and permanent injury to humans.

NATRC used to have a rule or policy that ALL stallions must be double tied. That may still be the case. A proper way to tie a stallion is to have a proper fitting halter, made of appropriate materials and a suitable lead shank with a snap of sufficient strength (or preferably the rope or shank permanently affixed to the halter). Then in addition to the above, a strong rope is run through the halter near the snap ring and under the jaws and around the neck. This portion around the neck should be tied with a bowline, so that it will not slip. Both the neck rope and the lead shank or rope should be tied with separate knots, preferably to two separate places, such as a tie ring and a nearby part of a trailer that is secure. Proper length of tie line is critical. The NATRC standard used to be that the snap would just touch the ground if disconnected from the halter. Horses that get used to this set up are secure and comfortable for the night.


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