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Re: [RC] There must be a better way to fit a saddle ! - Robert Ferrand


In defense of the Saddletech System, I think you may have misunderstood the
SYSTEM. The SYSTEM is not one instrument as you suggested. In fact, it is an
array of MEASUREMENT Instruments and manufacturing fixtures that create a
"FEED BACK LOOP" that corrects for errors - so that the "scientific method"
can be applied. This feed back loop makes the SYSTEM far more accurate than
any other device, because it is a SYSTEM. Please review the flow chart at
this link

By measuring from two different reference points, three dimensional shape as
well as interface pressure, we are able to build and CALIBRATE a formula
that adjusts for the effect of the rider's weight. If the formula balances,
providing a saddle with an even distribution of pressure, we have VALIDATION
and we are on to something.

Now that we have developed the Orthotic, we can make very accurate saddle
shapes because we have a "manufacturing method" that provides a one to one
relationship. So THREE DIMENSIONAL measurements that are taken in the field
can be used in the manufacturing process very accuratetly. So now we are
expanding the research capabilities of the SYSTEM, so that saddle makers can
better understand what is required to build a saddle that fits, based on

With this level of capability, now we can make an array of different shapes
and compare the effect of different shapes to each other, relating numerical
values to the actual pressure that that shape actually creates under the
saddle.  Please check this link of an array of nine different shapes
incrementally 10 degrees,  narrower, wider, fatter and more rock
Since we have complete control on the calibrated shape including even being
able to flair for asymmetrical scapulae. You can literally have any shape
you want. Pick a set of numbers, one of these shapes is the one that will
work for you.

You are quite right that we have a dynamic problem with a variety of
factors. However the saddle fit question  Ultimately comes down to how can
you build, choose, or refit the saddle that exists STATICALLY. Some
craftsman some where has to work on the saddle in one place. The key is
understanding the relationship between STATIC and DYNAMIC. That can only be
done numerically. That is exactly what the Evidence Based Saddle Fitting
Method accomplishes.

Please note that the Saddletech Computer System has always been able to do
dynamic pressure testing. In fact, the new MK I I System will even allow you
to document the pressures on a 25 mile ride, more data than you could ever
want. Please also note that the new MK I I Saddletech Gauge is also
increasing its data set focusing on the so called "saddle pocket.

My point is that without numbers, we are just guessing, because we have no
reference point. We need a common language, that is what measurement is ? a
common mathematical language. As an engineer you should appreciate that once
you can cross reference two data sets you really have something of value.
The SADDLETECH SYSTEM provides an engineer?s dream, the saddle customer's
salvation and true HORSE PROTECTION.

Robert Ferrand
Inventor of the Saddletech System


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RE: [RC] There must be a better way to fit a saddle !, David LeBlanc