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Re: [RC] [RC] Tire Pressure - Nancy Mitts

Go with what the tire says. The pressure given on the on the truck specifies what is necessary to achieve their listed weight rating. Our trailers for instance will say GAWR xxx with size xxx tires at xxx psi cold. That tells what the axle weight capacity is with that particular weight rated tire and that amount of air pressure. If you put on a lighter rated tire, you have to inflate to the pressure on that tire, and that may alter the actual capacity of the axle. So, if you replace your vehicle's tires (truck or trailer), make sure you go back with a tire that is rated for at least as much weight and pressure as what is listed on that truck (or trailer).
Wheels are also rated for a particular tire pressure, so if you go to a higher rated tire you may have to get heavier duty wheels as well.
If your trailer doesn't list what tires it was rated with, it probably just has GAWR (Gross axle weight rating). The weight capacity of your (2) tires on that axle should add up to the axle rating or more. If they don't, you're probably in for a lot of flats!

Monte & Nancy Mitts
CIW Trailers

Jonni Jewell wrote:

After years and years of reading what the tire says to inflate to, I was
told I am to look at what the TRUCK recommends for tire pressure. But, my
trailer does not have a sticker with a recommendation of tire pressure.
(maybe some do)


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