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[RC] Horse That Pull on 100s - A Super Story - Stagg_Newman

At the request of Karen and Angie, here's a story about Jayel Super at Biltmore in 2001.
(only his 4th or 5h year of competition)

Super was being a total jerk on the first loop and tried to pull my arms out.  
At one point when the trail and other horses going left at a fork,
I made him go right and almost got clothes lined by a guy wire for a utility pole.
Word got back to my wife at camp that Super was trying to kill me
(altho that incident was my fault).

I came into the first vet check mad as hell at the horse altho slightly forgave
him when he immediately recovered.  As I was was going through the vet check
I asked any of the vets whether they wanted to buy a horse cheap.  (Believe
they knew I was joking but I did not get any offers).

Super went on to win and earn BC.   Monday after the ride I get a call
from Michelle Owens in Florida saying she heard Super was for sale
and she was interested in buying him.  I said his price had gone
up many many fold between the first vet check and the finish.

BTW if Becky or Merryben are reading Ridecamp, would be great to hear
about Rio's first 50.  And I would bet Darla's Weslake's horse Muffy was not easy
to rate early in his career.  Heidi, do you know?