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Re: [RC] Frozen Shoulder - Bette Lamore

Sorry-- I thought I had sent this ages ago but it was in my unsent email box. Hope this info helps

Try getting and using the Alphasonic! Not only did it work on Bunny. but
it also freed my frozen shoulder. also caused by a torn rotator cuff. I
had surgery but it didn't help--- still pain--- used the Alphasonc for a
few weeks religiously at night (between Bunny's usage) and it worked.
Mark uses it on his hamstrings after tennis and he is fine by the next day.
PS This is not a paid political announcement! ;-) No kickback here!
Good luck! Oh you can go to http://www.alphasonic.com to find out more info
Bette and Bunny

Alison Dunn wrote:

Ackkk!! I've just been diagnosed with frozen shoulder! I'm into my fourth month - just starting on the second cycle (see internet - there is plenty on it!)
My doctor said using it would hurt - but not hurt it. I had quit riding since the beginning of February as Sorin's occasional spooks and even trotting had started to really hurt. (And forget doing gates!) I had been diagnosed with a possible rotator cuff injury at the time. Some internet articles say to 'avoid sudden jerking motions' during the rehab period (which is about a year, by the way!) I can't not ride for a year - its been killing me enough not to ride in one of the most beautiful (as in dry!) California springs we've had in awhile.
Anyone else had this? (There should be plenty of you, as the statistics of having it are mostly women in their fifties!) What about riding? Any encouraging success stories? Thanks!

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Bette Lamore
Whispering Oaks Arabians
Home of 16.2h TLA Halynov
who lives on through his legacy
Hal's Riverdance!

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