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[RC] castration healing help? - Laurie Durgin

Just brought home our new pasture buddy a 8 yr old large miniature donkey.(too cute ) anyway I didn't want a "Jack" ,translate uncastrated male. Don't need any arab mules!!So they castrated him for me the 22nd. I went to pick him up, and first they had a bad fly problem, eis legs were covered in flys. (they said they have a huge problem, we discussed fly predators,etc.) And his "wound" was open and is being treted as an open wound. She said his testicles were ' huge'. .I asked if we could hose him off and clean him up. So we did , she used some Citronella shampoo on his legs and scrubbed some, then sparayed his legs. He has some fly scabs and a small sore or two maybe quarter size. I asked about his castrattion and how he did. She said he bled alot, the vet was there about 2 hours and kept checking him while working on her other horses. He didn't leave till he stopped.(I have read that donkeys bleed more than horses at castration so wasn't too surprised)I asked if the vet saw him since ,she said Tue. and he looked ok to him.
So anybody know what kind of aftercare I should give this,Should I hose it daily or tiwce or clean it any particular way. She said ,maybe clean it with betadine. I thought I might put some swat around the area, but not on it. We don't have very many flies yet, but gnats are abundant.He is penned in the shed for now till he heals and gets aquainted over the fence.
My colt didn't have any complications so I am not sure how to handle this exactlly. I may go ahead and call the vet Monday, I think I could stand to have coggins drawn about this time anyway.
I was just wondering ,if I should leave it alone, but watch it or if there are procautions I should take like hosing or cleaning with betadine? I have some nolvasen creme, wonder dust, 7% Iodine shampoo,and furizone int he med kit.
His name is Eeyore, of course , and my husband says ,when people ask what he got me for mothers day, he said he'll say a "jack----" so that when he travels I'll always have one around."

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