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RE: [RC] Asking for canter leads... oops - Alison Farrin

Nope, Lucy had it right.
Going right, Bend to the inside, use the right leg at the girth to maintain the 
bend, hold the left shoulder with the outside rein, allow the inside hind to 
step under and leave the outside HIND leg poised to initiate the canter 
transition, which you cue with the outside leg back..  Remember, impulsion 
always comes from behind.  YOu don't want to fall into anything.  while you may 
want the "bulge" over the inside front leg, you want a balanced bulge, on the 
curve, so that outside hind can step forward and begin the transition to canter.

One of the natural horsemanship trainers uses the method of having the rider 
reach back and tap the outside hip with a crop.  Its not really a cue to the 
horse, what it does is puts the rider's inside hip and seatbone forward, allows 
the horse's balance to be centered over the inside hind and let's them pick up 
the canter in a method where they maintain their balance.  Otherwide, most of 
us tend to drop our inside shoulder, which puts weight in the outside hip and 
throws the horse off and he picks up the wrong lead.  Pulling the horse's nose 
to the outside can accomplish putting the rider's weight on the inside, but its 
counterbending the horse and if you want to teach him counter canter farther 
down the road, you have just really confused him.

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From: Lucy Chaplin Trumbull [mailto:elsietee@xxxxxxxxxxxx]
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Subject: [RC] Asking for canter leads... oops

I *knew* I'd get in trouble if I tried to explain
how to ask for a specific canter lead. <roll eyes>
Like *I* know what I'm doing...

Someone pointed out to me:
...are you sure you tilt his head to the "inside"??
I tip the head very slightly to the outside (toward
the rail)....basically throws the inside shoulder
forward and they almost have to take the right lead.

she's quite right. You're kind of trying to make the
horse "bulge" over towards that inside front leg, so
by tilting the head to the outside and pushing with
your outside leg behind the girth, you're squeezing
the horse like a tube of toothpaste to almost fall
into the canter on that inside front leg.

Sorry for any confusion... (like Ray isn't even more
confused now.)

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