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[RC] rider elytes and Gu - Linda Dewees

Lucy asked where I get my elyte caps.  Go to www.hammergel.com and click on products.  They're called Endurolytes 
 I just checked it out and I noticed they have a lot of nutritional supplements and energy foods for exercising.  I really like eating gels like gu when I'm in a race.  When I train I like eating real food, but that never works in the race.  I can't eat much.  But the gels go down so easy and give me energy.  Hammer Gel doesn't taste as good to me as Gu, but the big bottle is the cheapest way to go, and I fill a little 5oz. gel bottle. 
There's another elyte product called Succeed but I haven't tried it.  There's more sodium per dose in it.
There's an interesting site to go to if you want to learn more about ultramarathoning  www.ultrunr.com   It has excerpts from a discussion group like Ridecamp for ultrarunners.  They have a lot in common with endurance riders!  Endurance people are all so cool!!
Linda Dewees
quiltrider at hotmail dot com

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