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[RC] Hi-tie and/or physical barrier between horses at the trailer question - Kristi Schaaf

Because of the LQ exhaust/vents on the off side of our
trailer, hubby had to install the two Hi-ties on that
side only 10 feet apart. Of course, with approx 6 1/2
foot long ties, the horses on that side could
intermingle a little too well...so we're contemplating
setting a short corral panel between them (would
anchor to the ground/trailer). They could still
entangle heads (at least these two don't pull halters
off - that horse will be tied on the other side), but
their bodies would stay separated. If any of you use
any sort of physical barrier between horses tied to
the trailer, how's it working for you? Worst case
scenario is that we'll only be able to use one Hi-tie
at a time on that side and one horse will have to be
tied directly to the trailer. Kristi iluvdez at yahoo
dot com

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