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Re: [RC] interferes, forges, clanking, need imput - Charles

I've always heard it called Forging.  Mention it to the farrier.

It's possible that the extra length provided by the shoe is causing the two
feet to hit.  It's also possible that it was happening before but that hoof
on hoof wasn't something that could be heard.

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Subject: [RC] interferes, forges, clanking, need imput

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Not sure what you all call this situation..  I have heard .. Interferes,
forges/forging, clanking... Everyone calls it a different name.

But I wanted to ask a endurance person.. as Long distance is the sport I'm
wanting to use her in.

My mare' rear hoof is striking the bottom of the front foot. On one(same)

She only started this since I shoed her last week.

I have always kept her barefoot.. but now putting on shoes as I have been
training her for some up coming LD's. Also because she was starting to get a
crack and wanted to help pervent this from getting worse.

Does any  one else have this problem with thier horses and if so what do
you do?

Do you wear bell boots? or  do you square the hind toe?  Is it a farrier

If he does square/block the hind hoof.. should it be done on both sides,
even if  its only one side she is striking?  asking if should be done on
both sides, because does it set off balance?

Or is this interferes.. something that is not a big deal as long as she
not hitting the bulb of her foot.. but just metal to metal?

Any suggestions are welcome..

I would really like to fine a farrier that works on endurance horses.....
I"m in Dallas, Texas.. any one from this area or east of Dallas with any
great farriers?

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[RC] interferes, forges, clanking, need imput, Ridecamp Guest