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Re: [RC] In the Top 10 - Ridecamp Guest

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It can mess up a ride to worry too much about where other
riders are - you stop "reading" how your horse is really
doing & having fun.

Sometimes the opposite happens and you do well despite lack
of planning:

After Day 1 of a 2-day 100, my horse & I were an hour
ahead of the next rider. It was much hotter on Day 2,
so we took our time and rode most of the day alone. After
leisurely crossing the line, I was told by the timer that
we'd won by less than a minute or so! Glad I didn't know any different, but 
weird to have such a close finish and not be racing.

Then, on the last loop of a cold, windy 50, my horse seemed to "ask" if this 
was a 50 or a 100 (he'd done mostly 100s
that year) When I said "It's just a 50! we're almost done!"
his response was "Well what are we waiting for - let's get it over with!" He 
picked up a hand gallop & on a long straightway we zoomed past several riders - 
the strong winds sucked out the heat from his body and seemed to make him run 
faster. Didn't see anyone else the last 2 miles alone & you could have knocked 
me over with a hoof pick when we trotted across the finish and were told we 
won. I honestly had no idea we were up front. This is one of my favorites ride 
memories because I actually started slow and finished fast like you're 
"supposed" to :)
Mary and Shiloh

===========================================================Riding alone is when 
you teach a horse all the "tools" and "cues" he needs
to handle the trail, to hold a speed, deal with hills, etc. It's also where
you develop the "bond" that causes him to "defer" to you before losing his
~ Jim Holland

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