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Re: [RC] questions! - Paul Latiolais

On Sunday, April 25, 2004, at 01:57 PM, Tara Sherman wrote:

Okay... I've posted about the ride, now more questions.? A whole list of them! ;)
First of all: how do you sleep at night before the ride??

Some people sleep well; some don't, and that may not be related to the type of sleeping arrangements. Bring a tent and an inflatable bed. Tents are warmer than trucks or the back of a horse trailer. But...you will sleep better at the next ride.

What do you do with your horses??

Look around the ridecamp. There are lots of variations on what people do. Most in our area bring portable corrals, but they are not cheap. High ties are an inexpensive alternative that gives your horse some ability to move around, but he has to get used to it.
What do you eat for breakfast?? I had to survive on 2 hard boiled eggs and some water... which, I don't doubt is more than some people get!

I cook a real breakfast, but that is rare. I think most people survive on things like muffins.
What do you pack for snacks?? Are there any particular brands of anything that are especially helpful and/or filling?

Snacks are very important. You are going to have to experiment to see what is best for you: granola bars, energy bars, string cheese. I always carry smoked almonds and Old Wisconson pepperoni sticks.
I'm sure I'll come up with more questions later, lol..

Have fun,

-Paul L.
[RC] questions!, Tara Sherman