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[RC] re: Volunteering at Rides - Lynne Glazer

The ride managers of the world salute you, Christina.

I agree, no better way to learn the ins and outs of the sport, it perpetuates the offerings of rides since they don't run without volunteers, and it prevents your horse from the bumps and bruises of more clueless initial competition. (There, Truman, now THAT is a runon sentence!)


Since I am interested in doing both CTR and ER's but my experience has been limited to reading about it, I thought it would be best to actually volunteer to see what REALLY happens or doesn't happen at these rides. In March I voluntered as the Horsemanship Judge's Secretary at the Spanish Trail NATRC CTR. This past weekend, I voluntered as a timer, Pulse taker, and vet scribe at the Ponce de Leon ride. Both times I was there for the duration: the ride briefing to the awards ceremony. They were really good experiences and I learned a lot of little things about both sports that you can not get just by reading about it, no matter how many different books and website you read (which I have done). I realize each ride is run a little differently, so I am planning at volunteering at a 2nd NATRC CTR in late May, and I am not sure about when for the ER yet. I would encourage all newbies to volunteer at rides to see what the sport is really like (without actually riding in one!). I think I am so much more ahead of the game for when I start competing this fall or next year on.

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