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[RC] I Got Me a New Jacket - Howard Bramhall

OK, I?m posting way too much lately but, I gotta throw this one in and then I?ll take a long break. Plus, I think the wife?s making me go to Church this Sunday to atone for all of my sins. Since I?m getting so big around the middle lately (BUDWEISER IS A VERY FAT KING) I have to go out tomorrow and get a new suit. Anyway, GUESS WHAT I GOT IN THE MAIL TODAY?????

This is just too darn cool. I got me an AERC Regional Points Award Jacket. No kidding! Hahahahaha. Can you believe that one? FREE, didn?t have to pay for it, and I sure wasn?t expecting it. Got if for 6th place in the Middleweight Division in the Southeast for points earned while riding American Spirit for the ride year 2003. What a horse! He thought it was cool too when I showed it to him. And, don?t any of you brokers for the Sultans of Swing start contacting me cause he ain?t for sale. Lol.

Now it?s getting a little hot down here this time of year for me to wear this jacket. Seems like something one would wear if they were doing an endurance ride up there in Alaska. But, I guarantee you I?ll be wearing it at my next ride and I don?t care if it?s 90 degrees outside. In fact I?m wearing it now. Had to turn on the AC full blast and sit next to the freezer, with the door wide open and a fan blowing alongside it. Plus, I?m not wearing anything else underneath (pleasant thought, eh?) except for a pair of Paddi?s briefs and my Leatherwood Belt Buckle. And, helmet, of course. Always wear a helmet. Spirit?s leg is almost completely healed and the vet told me I can start riding him again. Life is wonderful!

So, for all those newbies who don?t think they?ll ever accomplish much in this tough sport, hey, look at me. I?m the Poster Boy for mistakes one can make in our sport. Some of my buddies here on Ridecamp have even told me I have the worst record in the Conference and here I go and get a jacket mailed to me courtesy of AERC. Is this a cool sport or what?

Maybe I?ll wear it to Church this Sunday.


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