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Re: [RC] [RC] [RC] Racing - heidi

I never said there's "nothing we can do about it."

No, it was Truman who insinuated that--you just stuck up for him... ;-)

Hey, come on, the Southeast region is the best in the world when it
comes to  endurance riding.
I have yet to ride out of region.

Then how the heck do you know?  Just curious.

The few friends I do have warned me
not  to ever travel west of the Mississippi; I might not return alive.
Could you  imagine Heidi vetting in one of my horses at an endurance

Well, actually, since Heidi has those standards that you find so
ludicrous, odds are you would probably survive, unless, of course, you
present your horse in such a manner that he isn't fit to continue...

You won't find a better group of endurance riders, Ride Managers, or
just  plain folk anywhere and I don't think I've ever said otherwise.

Naw, you haven't "said" otherwise--you just keep casting them as being an
entirely different species than folks elsewhere (who by your own admission
you've never met) and don't make it sound very appealing to ride there. 
As I said before, fortunately the SE has some better advocates.  I'd be
glad to ride with the likes of Susan or Angie or several others down there
any day.


One would think that logic would prevail. But then, if logic did prevail,
men would ride sidesaddle. 
~  Bob Morris

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