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[RC] Sproingey horse - Barbara McCrary

Love that word....sproinging.  I think that was Heidi's word, but anyway it certainly fits my horse.  He has a powerful and elevated trot with a long stride, and unless I'm missing something, it's next to impossible to post to it.  Would someone out there please offer suggestions as to how to ride this trot?  So far, it's a matter of hanging on to his mane, standing in the stirrups, and GOING.  There must be a way that is easier on me and the horse.  He's a little smoother if he is second in line on the trail, as he is not looking for boogers, but then again, in the back of the pack, he is looking over his shoulder, switching his head from side to side to see what might be ready to jump out at him.  His spooks aren't as dangerous as they might be, as he just slams to a stop rather than jumping sideways or spinning.  Also, he is less spooky than he was when he first came here from the prairie country of Montana.  I need to find if there is a way to ride more smoothly on this horse.  It's going to be a very tiring 50 miles for me and the horse the way it is going.  Equitation lessons, please......
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