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RE: [RC] [RC] re: Alice- how to keep your seat - terry banister

Clarification: The Polleys on an Aussie saddle are the "ears" that stick up from the pommel on top of the saddle to catch the rider, and they don't "cover" any part of the horse.

Also, there are trail models and there are endurance models. Just as an expensive Western saddle is too heavy for endurance, so are the Aussie models that were not designed for that use.
Everyone has seen MANY sore-backed horses from rigid-tree saddles of every make, including Endurance brands.

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&gt;From: &quot;Jonni Jewell&quot; &lt;jonnij@xxxxxxxx&gt;
&gt;To: &quot;Ridecamp&quot; &lt;ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx&gt;
&gt;Subject: [RC] re: Alice- how to keep your seat
&gt;Date: Wed, 7 Apr 2004 11:45:57 -0500
&gt;Chrystal posted: &gt;&gt;&gt;I got an Australian saddle with the polleys and it has
&gt;been amazing!!! It really is a saddle desinged to keep you in the saddle.
&gt;&lt;snip&gt;They are also very comfortable saddles.:-)&lt;&lt;&lt;
&gt;But, they are not for every horse. I have seen MANY sore backed horses from
&gt;Aussie saddles. Even the very well made, high priced ones. They are also
&gt;generally heavy, and the size / design in a typical Polley covers a lot of
&gt;the horse, thus reducing cooling.
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