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[RC] LD Changes - Kathy Copeland

Title: LD Changes

Dede of Team Slow Poke wrote:

> In my opinion, some people are going to race
> and/or override their horses no matter what,
> unfortunately (be it LD or 50 miles), because
> they are irresponsible.

You answered:
That does not mean we, as the AERC, should encourage
irresponsibility, condone, or reward such behavior.

As a "career LD rider", do you want to adopt the issues we have seen with such behavior at 50+ mile rides?  Ignore that these people exist?

Not for one second did Dede say or insinuate that anyone should encourage irresponsibility, condone it or reward such behavior.   Neither did she say or insinuate that she wanted any kind of such behavior be it a 50 or and LD nor does she want these people IGNORED!   She only said she is getting tired of being lumped into a category of it being assumed she has no brain and can't think and always overrides her horse because she does LD rides.  She never said ignore those people who do these things she simply said those that are going to do it are going to do pretty much irregardless of what they should do because they are irresponsible and this type of person pretty much just doesn't care.

So yes if it were up to us to deal with these people we would take them out behind the barn, so to speak, and have a heart to heart with them in a language they could understand.  So punish those who break the rules and trash their horse but don't lump us all into this category simply because we like LD and think if a person does a great job riding and LD they should be rewarded for it. 

Team Slow Poke
Kathy Copeland