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Re: [RC] War bridles - Ed & Wendy Hauser

"...Or perhaps
the war bridle improperly applied...."

You got it.  There is a great difference between a series of jerks by hand
that instantly stop when proper behavior starts to happen, and a horse
struggling against a war bridle solidly attached to a trailer or a post or
whatever.  A war bridle is a poor choice when the objective is to teach a
horse to move forward.  The cue is applied at the wrong end of the horse.

Unfortunately for many horses, this distinction has not been made by many so
called "trainers".

It lead to the "natural horsemanship" revolution, which is a great step

The problem with advocating training methods that can be misused, is that
some of the people hearing will not have the judgment to use them properly.

An example of this.  John Lyons advocates using a whip as a go forward cue
to teach trailer loading.  I routinely use this method.  Our horses load
excellently.  They are not afraid of the whip, they just know that by moving
forward they can escape the irritation..  Personally, I think that this is
easy for a young horse to learn because it is similar to the body language
the herd boss uses to move the herd where she (usually) wants it to go.

Our one exception is Wendy's 21 yr old gelding Raj.  18 years ago he had a
bad experience with a whip happy trainer.  He fears the whip.  He loads and
works fine, you just can not use a whip near him.

Ed & Wendy Hauser
2994 Mittower Road
Victor, MT 59875


The two best drugs to have in your kit are Tincture of Time and a Dose of
Common Sense. These two will carry you through 99.999% of the problems
associated with horses and endurance competition.
~ Robert Morris

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[RC] War bridles, Nancy Sturm