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Re: [RC] How should horse back? - heidi

Well today, doing some ground work first,it suddenly hit me. He backs
with  alternating legs, like a trot stride backwards.Sometimes placing a
foot    separately, sometimes together.
  So Honey backs both legs on one side,and does it easily and gracefully
on cue.
  Rascal resists, and is crooked and backs like trotting.
   Is there a right and wrong way, and how do I teach the right foot
placement and does it matter?

Farana, the great Kellogg reining stallion, could actually trot backward,
and did so at their "Sunday Show" demos.

Backing is usually a 4-beat "gait" like a walk--and whether you called it
a "diagonal" or a "lateral" would depend on which leg you named first.

I would suspect that the issue is more what he is doing with his back and
hindquarters than what the footfall appears to be.  It sounds to me like
he is having problems shifting his weight to his HQ and collecting to


Arabians were bred for years primarily as a war horse and those
requirements are similar to what we do today with endurance riding. 
~  Homer Saferwiffle

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[RC] How should horse back?, Laurie Durgin