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[RC] Boa Boots at New Cuyama XP - terry banister

Hi everyone,
I am the person on the barefoot horse that was using the Boa Boots on days 2 and 3.

Just wanted to report that, YES, the Boas DID STAY ON WITHOUT RUBBING!
We successfully completed both days with the Boa Boots on back (Old Macs on front because that is all we had).
Since I am paranoid about starting a race with ANY boots on, we did the first morning barefoot, then put the boots on at the lunch break. After completing that day with no problems, I decided to do a first-time-ever test, and start the race next day with the boots.
We had many hills with loose footing, dry-streambeds with lots of loose rock, fetlock-deep water crossings, and mucky-sucky mud crossings. It was a very good test.
I can actually say that most of the time, I forgot we had the boots on until someone rode up behind and asked how I liked them. Every now and then, I would ride up beside someone and ask them to do a "boot check" and they always said, "Yup, you're fine."

I fully believe that we owe our successful weekend to the Boa Boots, because I had used the Old Macs on all four feet at the 20 Mule Team (65 miles) after the lunch break as usual, but after successfully completing, I removed the 4 boots, and saw that on one hind foot, the inner strap had rubbed all the hair off the back of his pastern. I feel that had we done many more miles, the strap would have chaffed the skin enough to cause a problem.

So needless to say, I was not anxious to have the Old Macs on his hind feet for two days at Cuyama (The angles are different on front feet, and as long as you leave a finger of space under that inner strap, rubbing doesn't seem to be as much of a problem on the front feet).

Anyway, for my horse, protecting the back feet has been his greatest need, and greatest challenge. So I am thrilled to say that I feel we have finally found a solution with the Boa Boots.

Terry and eBey
"May the Horse be with you"

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