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RE: [RC] [RC] hidalgo, etc. - terry banister

Yea, it was primarily a Disney Cowboy movie with an Indiana Jones flavor and an endurance theme. To me, "Based on the life of" just means that is where they got the idea for the script they invented.

 Happy Trails!


>From: Ed Kilpatrick >To: ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx >Subject: [RC] hidalgo, etc. >Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2004 20:32:08 -0800 (PST) > >well, i watched it tonight. a fanciful tale, wild adventure, but a lot of fun in my book. at the beginning, these were the words i saw on the screen, "based on the life of frank t. hopkins". and at the end these words, "frank t. hopkins was reputed to have won every long distance race he ever entered." reputed means, by reputation. it doesnt mean true. like david said, its a movie------and to that i add, "pass the popcorn!" cowboy ed, sneads florida

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