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Re: [RC] how to get a horse from Ill to VA? - Chris Paus

AFter going through a horrific experience with a commercial  hauler who broke my horse's leg, I swore I'd never use a commercial shipper again. But last fall, I hired one to transport my stallion from KY to Kansas and then used the same  company again this spring to send a 9 month old filly from Kansas to Miss. He takes very good care of the animals.They both arrived in fine shape, and he charged me a lot less than I could have done it myself. I used Horsesofcourse. He has a website and you can use the site to get a quote. http://www.horsesofcoursehauling.com/  chris

"A. Perez" <walkergirl@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I am considering buying a horse in Scales Mound IL and need to
get it back to VA. My options are driving out there (13 hrs one
way) and bringing it back myself, which would proabably require
at least one day off work, hiring a hauler, or finding someone
coming through (perhaps en route to the Old Dominion No Frills
or the OD ride in June?) If the latter, I would probably fly
out to see the horse, get it vetted and load it (don't think the
horse is trailer-trained), then fly back, or tag for the ride
along if there's room. I'm not thrilled with the idea of asking
someone else to deal with hauling an unknown horse, which leans
me toward doing it myself or hiring a pref. hauler.

any thoughts?

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[RC] how to get a horse from Ill to VA?, A. Perez