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[RC] update on Boa boots? - Karen

Karen, weren't you doing a great deal of riding with the new Boa=
 boots?  What's your opinion on them for endurance?  Have you had=
 any rubbing, as Barbara M. suggested is the problem for=
 endurance?  Missed the convention, and getting the scoop on=
 these boots.

Thanks much

Hi Naomi -- yes, the horses have all been ridden in them, some on 2 feet, and others on 4. I've mostly ridden them on Weaver, he took to them right away. Well, they all have done well in them -- no tripping or being stumbly anyway. Mostly I had been riding him around the neighborhood on pavement when the trails were too muddy, tho we did still venture out into the mud on a couple of occasions to see how they would do (they don't come off), and now it has dried out so I've been getting to ride every day, Finally! I don't believe that anybody has ridden them in an AERC 50 mile ride yet, so we don't really know if they are going to cause any rubbing or not. It will probably come down to what works for that horse -- some will not be able to tolerate the boots for 50 miles or more, and others will. So far, I have not had any rubbing on my horses. The boots do fit each horse a little differently -- and that will also vary depending upon whether or not you put them on a barefoot horse or one that is already shod. I think they are going to be good even to carry along as a spare for those people who have difficulty with easyboots. Right now my horses have winter coats, when summer comes and they have less hair and I get to do more riding I'll see how and if the boots rub the horses at all when they are ridden in them for long periods. So far I have not had that problem, but I haven't gone more than 12 miles in them at one time. Even if there is some rubbing, there may be a way to solve that, and if so we'll deal with it when it happens.


I still prefer what it is that BH100, Tevis, The Duck's Soup of Endurance,
etc. has to offer...but, to see a horse canter over sand for those
distances...Good Lord, it humbles me.
~  Frank Solano

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