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Re: [RC] Hidalgo - sindy mccosker

Isn't it funny how you notice things like that? 
When Hopkins was going to let Hidalgo go free, I leaned over to my friend Sheila Larsen and said "he better take off his shoes".  Just then he let him go and............all I can see are those metal shoes flashing into the herd. LOL
I really enjoyed the movie. Sure there were a lot of unbelievable scenes, but heck.....it was fun!!   Well worth the $8.75 + popcorn.
Sindy (Die Hard Move Fan)
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From: Ed
Sent: Monday, March 08, 2004 7:42 PM
To: ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [RC] Hidalgo
Fun movie but not great. What was really good was it jazzed me up for this
coming weekend at Sand Hills (first ride of the season for us)! Wish the
movie had more horse scenes! Watching Hidalgo run away with the herd of wild
ones with his steel shoes flashing while none of the others had shoes made
me wonder how he was going to do in a few weeks when those shoes become
loose and starting tearing up is hooves? Funny how you notice little things.

Ed Roley & Sawyer

You don't have to be a 100-mile rider or a multi-day rider to be an
endurance rider, but if you want to experience the finest challenges our
sport has to offer, you need to do both of those.
~ Joe Long

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