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Re: [RC] [RC] Boa boots and today's ride - terry banister

I have used our Boa Boots four good long rides now, and they are doing well, even in mud and sand.
The tongue is a little stiff when they are new, so be sure to crank them on snugly at the beginning of the ride.
They did not rub anywhere, but I would suggest the "Gaitors" for added insurance, and they help keep out debris.

Anyone currently using Old Macs should definitely check out these Gaitors.

"May  the Horse be with you"

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Subject: Re: [RC]   Boa boots and today's ride
Date: Mon, 8 Mar 2004 10:21:16 -0800

We ordered a set of Boa Boots at the convention for one of our horses that simply cannot keep front shoes on. He has a very short back and long legs with overreach. He grabs the back of a front shoe and snatches it off with hardly a bobble. We're going to try keeping him barefoot, condition with Boa Boots and compete with Easy Boots and see whether this works. He even managed to pull of Ground Control shoes. Sigh........

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  Subject: [RC] Boa boots and today's ride

The only thing we bought at the convention was for our non--endurance horse ... my husband's big Belgian/TB cross who doesn't get out much and thinks 5 miles is an endurance ride. She takes a size 3. I thought it would be a 4 but they thought a 3. They were right! They were so easy to put on and I think she loved them. We did some trotting and a fast lope at one point and they look like they fit her really well.

She gets owie just on a 5-mile ride because the places we take her that are a little flatter (she had a torn suspensory almost two years ago) and it's gravel fire road. Since we don't put shoes on her front feet (she gets eggbars on the back because of the torn suspensory and very poor conformation) these will be great for her. They'll last forever since she only gets out about 10 times a year. Way cheaper than putting shoes on her all the time which we just can't justify with the little bit that she gets ridden.

Boy, were they easy to put on and take off! Wish I could use them on the endurance horses ...

:) Jackie

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