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[RC] Endurance horse buyer scam (long) - beth glover

Hey Ridecampers! My girlfriend took out an ad on endurance net and got this inquiry into the animal she is selling. I have seen this scam before and can't believe anyone would try it. Let alone anyone falling for it. I believe this is highly illegal. My friend wanted me to warn everyone for her. The following is the Scam letter that she recieved and that is followed by her reply which I found to be good for a ROFL!   Beth G.

Laura Maria Jose Cortez Valdez >Criminal Prosecutor For the US Attorney's Office, no. 436 district >PhD Forensics, Phd in Law Degree from Harvard, Graduate of 1991. >A Graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, CIA, 1990. >A graduate of Harvard Business School, Masters In Business, 1990. > >Licensed in 35 of the 50 contiuous States in the USA, (not including Hawaii) >and also including 4 Providences in NW of Canada. Here to serve, protect, and >prosecute for the public since 1991. > >Breeder of Fine Equines in the USA. >Imports, and Exports in Goods and Services. > > > > We are interested in buying your above mentioned Gelding at advertised > > rate. > > It will be picked up from your location for onward shipping to London. > > Cost > > and modalities of shipping to be born by us. > > > > Payment for the purchase is by check through a debtor in US. The debtor > > > > owes us higher than our purchase. He will therefore be sending you a > > check > > for $5,000 to cover the cost of our order, as well as the Shipping > > costs. > > > > On receipt of the check, you will cash and deduct the cost of our order > > .T he > > balance you will send as we would instruct you to the Agency that will > > ship > > the Goods to us. If this arrangement suites you fine, please send us > > your > > address where to send the check, as well as the name to be on it. Also > > send > > us your phone number for easy communication. > > Looking forward to hearing from you. > > > > Thank you. > > > > Best Regards > > > > MR.JOHN MARLES. > > > >

          Her Response Was;

>Hi thanks for your interest in my gelding John Marles. He is a wonderful >animal, you are getting a quality horse, worthy of your investment. > >Since this wonderful investment of a horse will be shipped overseas, and due >to the fact that AQHA's are a such a scarcity in your area, I will have to be >charging a premium on this horse. The new price for this fabulous gelding is >$45,000 US currency only. I will require a certified check in that exact >amount, made out to me. When the check has cleared in it's entirety, then the >horse can be shipped with the shipper of your choice. If you choose for me to >pay any extra monies to any third party, there will be a premium and a service >fee charged by me to *your* current original cost of this beautiful AQHA >gelding. For each and every $100 owed to your third party I wil charge you a >very good price of $45 for each and every $100 of the cost to be paid to your >third party. That works out to be $145 for each $100 you owe. That will work >out to a minimum of $45,000 plus the extra monies owed to your third party. >There is also a one time handling fee on any total amount of money owed to >your third party, and that will be $500. I am so sorry, I am not flexible on >that price, nor the terms. Your shipper must handle all international >paperwork at his or her cost, and you will be resposible for those costs, not >me. No shipping cost shall I bare. I am doing you a great favor of loaning >you extra money for the repayment to your third party person. I sure you >understand that about imports and exports and levied costs upon the buyer. > >Since the horse is going overseas you will have to incur the costs of having >him vetted for international shipping. Once again, this cost will not be free >to you. You will have to pay vet costs, and all associated costs. Which >includes travel to the appropriate vet. The vet work I know, since I have >shipped horses overseas many times, will be $3,500. The travel time for the >mileage, I charge a $1,500 dollars a day for shipping of one horse for a >private buyer to any of my horses. Once again, I will have to have these >costs paid upfront in advance, all monies must clear my account before the >horse may be vetted. > >This is a really great gelding. You will be evied by all who see him when you >are riding him astride. He is such a nice horse you should be able to sell >him for the money you will have paid into him in no time. If you should sell >him in one year from date of shipping him, I will require a trainers premium. >It is all in the contract you must sign before I am able to take any of your >hard earned money from your accounts. For each and every $100 US that your >buyer pays I require 50% of the buyers purchase price. If the horse goes for >meat then there is a 95% pay back to me. Like if he is injured for some >reason, and has to be slaughtered. This will also be in the contract. You >must first send all monies, the checks will have to clear, then you will b e >sent a contract. As soon as the contract is signed, the horse can be picked >up by your shipper at any time. Remember to figure in all other costs I have >stated above, and the total amount of the check should reflect those costs. I >repeat: the check must clear my account before you sign the legal contract. > >If you are interested still, I will need a check made out to me right away. >And as soon as the monies have cleared my accounts, the horse will then be >ready to be shipped. > >I have 3 other buyers coming this weekend, and 2 others next week to see this >wonderful gelding. Please act quickly. If you are able to get me a check for >$45,000 plus any extras monies you want me to hold for you, to me by fed ex, >and the money cashes quickly, I will be able to hold him for you, and you can >sign the legal paperword afterwards. I am not taking deposits, cash money >talks, and the horse will be yours to have and to hold. > >Looking forward to hearing from you. > > > > ; Thank you. > > > > Best Regards >

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