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Re: [RC] 1000 mile horses a dime a dozen? - heidi

Heidi recently said that 1000 mile horses were fairly common. I'd
dispute the dime a dozen bit - that's 20 50's which amounts to over
$1200 in ride fees alone! But it did make me curious - how many horses
make it to 1000 miles? 2000? What proportion of riders make it to 1000

It would indeed be interesting to know that.  But before anybody flays me
too bloody for the comment, please remember that it was made TIC as a
comparison that it is at least somewhat commonplace for horses here to
have actual careers at endurance, vs the UAE-style FEI horses that run a
handful of races for a season or two and then disappear.  :-)  You're
right, though, David--it takes a bit more than a dime to get there..  <g>

So far I'm 3 for 4 in getting past 1000 miles on horses that we had any
intention of riding for any length of time, and have twice put 1000+ mile
single seasons on horses.  And I have another 1000+ mile stallion here of
someone else's--Teddy Lancaster's good old boy Khalarado ("Raider"). 
Additionally I know these stats are not particularly rare or unique in the
sport...  My foundation stallion (not quite 3000 miles himself) sired
several 1000-mile horses with very limited breeding, and one of those
passed the 10,000-mile mark.  I don't think the air gets TOO rarified
until somewhere around the 3000-mile mark...


REAL endurance is your water freezing IN the cantle bags!
~ Heidi Sowards

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