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Re: [RC] Need opinions - DVeritas

In a message dated 2/15/2003 5:27:26 PM Mountain Standard Time, Marinera@xxxxxxx writes:

1. It is a very hot day
2. You have 8 or 10 miles to go to the finish line
3. There is no water between where you are and the finish.
4. You feel your horse is tired.

I think number four might be the key.   Being "tired" and being in trouble aren't necessarily the same thing.
    If I feel my horse is tired, and we only have 8 to 10 miles left, and I know there is no water between where we are and the finish and I know it has been and is a hot day I would know that I have allowed my horse to drink properly all day, that he has been electrolyted properly all day and if we're still going, well, we're going to finish.
    So, I'd jump off of him, slack cinch, pour one of my water bottles into my collapsible bucket, he'd drink it all down and I'd walk smartly dismounted for a half a mile or so, his attitude would pick up, I'd tighten cinch, remount and trot on in.
    ...and as we trotted, he would oxygenate his blood, his ears would perk up and we would find the end of the day.