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[RC] ] waterproof clothing - Rides 2 Far

I'm looking to invest in some waterproof clothes to wear this spring >
on > rides. Can you offer suggestions on where to buy/what to buy? I'm >
interesting in bargains, but I don't want to be wet and cold.

O.K. I'm dirt poor so I'll tell ya what I use. I have the basic
polyurethane rain suit that I got at our Army surplus store for under
$20. (I think) I like a hood big enough to go *over* the helmet. If not
the water will run down your helmet and into your collar.  Make sure it
snaps not zipper only so you can open the bottom wider while riding.

I wore the pants in ONE ride. I'd worn them at home with no problem but
when my horse took off at his huge competition trot they started climbing
fast. They moved my half chaps up over my knees and the velcros started
popping open. Then I got to get off a crazy horse and hop on one foot
trying to get them off with them hung on my rubber boot (another mistake)
then remount and ride a runaway while hanging onto flapping pants. :-P
Now I just let my tights get wet and my tennis shoes too. If you wear
rubber boots they can catch a lot of water. I've seen water sloshing out
the tops on people. I guess the lower lace ups might do O.K. but they
don't work with my half chaps.  The water inside your tennis shoes warms
up pretty quick.  No matter how waterproof the jacket is you're going to
be wet since you'll be sweating inside it. You just want warm water next
to your skin. I know people who have bought the $100 jackets that
supposedly "breath" but by the end of a long day they look like they've
inhaled a lot of water to me.  They're pretty darned soaked eventually so
I wouldn't bother. If somebody will just have you a wool blanket at the
vet check to put around you you'll be warm, since wool keeps its
insulation qualities even when wet.

Angie of the low budget

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