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[RC] massage--slightly OT, but not really - Alice Yovich

For years I've considered massage school for a career change (I'm a music therapist, not a lot of money in the field and I"m dissatisfied with the amount of time I have to put in)   I'm trying to gather data on it as a field and I'm not even sure how to study on how profitable it really is. I know a few therapists who do well at it and it doesn't seem that the field is saturated, but having chosen one poor field on my own, I'm a little hesitant.  I want to do the human class, and then take a horse program after I finish.  Jessica Jahiel (some of you may know here from Horse-sense on the Internet, but she has taught me lessons in KY) recommended I do it this way b/c I will learn way more and have a larger base of people to see.  the questions I have are: do you think the field is saturated? Am I blowing smoke, or is there a chance I can make some money at it? I've had people telling me that I should just not even bother b/c there isn't enough work, the market is saturated, etc. (these people were just generic, email internet people, not actual horse people)

I've wanted to do this since before I got divorced and remarried. I've been serious about doing something with it for a year now. I want to be self employed so that if we have a baby, I can continue to earn money. I want to send Maggie (5 yr old daughter) to the school she is currently attending next year (with tuition costs, of course) I don't want to keep working for "the man" I believe I could be good at this.

I had thought that I could see people at the CTR's I go to and horses after checkout. I also thought about hitting up the difference endurance rides they have around to see horses and people. I just want to hear input from all over the country. I don't want to spend money on something that has no hope of succeeding.

Thanks in advance.