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Re: [RC] [Guest] Horse deaths and preventing treatments - Kristene Smuts

In South Africa, for an 80 km (50 mi) there are 3 holds plus the pre-vet check. 
Depending on the course, the 1st check will be 30kms (about 18 mi), 2nd at 
30kms and then final after 20kms.  The mileage may vary with 1 or 2kms and the 
entire hold is 40 mins.  When you come in and go over the line, your time is 
taken and a card is printed with your in-time, your vet-time and your out-time. 
Vet time is 20 mins after in-time, out-time is 20 mins after that.

The argument behind this system is that if you can't bring down the pulse and / 
or respiration in the 20 mins, your horse is in trouble.  If you don't vet at 
the specified time, you are penalised with time.

Being paranoid about my horse, I start panicking if at any stage he vets over 
42!  My investment in a heart rate monitor was one of the best ones I've made.

As an aside - the first ride my stallion went to, I did just the first leg (we 
can do that here) and when I vetted, his pulse was 96!  I almost fainted, but 
fortunately I had a clever vet and she asked for a trot out then took the pulse 
again - he'd dropped to 36.  All the excitement around him at the vet was a bit 
much and added to that, there was another stallion 2 lanes away from us.  He's 
now very calm at the vets (riding is another story!) and will almost fall 
asleep while we're waiting our turn.

Our temp today in Johannesburg is forecast for 31C (about 88F)!!!!

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