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Re: [RC] getting the horse fit - Jennifer Judkins

Now, I'm really confused.  Manny (my pre-discussed slow walker) is very efficient down hill.  He really uses his hind end well, almost piaffes down the hills.  The saddle levels out, quite extraordinary feeling.  So there doesn't seem to be a big correlation between a big walk and being balanced downhill, at least in my horse. However, Manny grew up on big hills (Colorado) so maybe that is the reason he is so naturally balanced on our piddly NE hills;-)  Just my inexperienced observation.  Jennifer.

 Truman Prevatt <tprevatt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Yep, I think conformation is the major factor here. And the interesting
thing is this ties into the "fast walk" thread because the very
conformation that predisposes a horse to a fast, driving walk is the
seems to be the same that predisposes it to being a good balanced horse
going downhills. So again, it at least from my experience it all starts
with a good walk.


Heidi Smith wrote:

>Actually, a lot of it is genetics and conformation. I've dealt with entire
>families that, even when not raised on hills, can go downhill smoothly and
>correctly (and at a working trot or faster!) as soon as they've had enough
>time under saddle (a handful of rides) to have adjusted to balancing with a

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Re: [RC] getting the horse fit, Truman Prevatt