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Re: [RC] [Guest] Susan??Senior feed??Purina or Buckeye Maturity??? - Susan Garlinghouse

I have a 31 yr old retired distance mare who I recently switched from PS
Buckeye Maturity. She seems to have more energy and just 'brighter'
I also add beet pulp and oil and she still eats hay. Runs and bucks and
plays so I must be doing something right. Any thoughts on the Buckeye
Jan In COLD snowy MI wishing I was riding..

I don't have an ingredient list or analysis for the Buckeye Maturity to
directly compare, but in general, I do like Buckeye products.  They're a
little harder to get in my area (available, but not always in stock or
willing to get it for me).  I like the forage balancer products especially,
the Grow n Win or Show n Win, and fed that for awhile, but when a steady
supply became an issue, I switched back over to Purina Horse Charge.  The
local distributor sells a lot of it so I know it hasn't been sitting in the
back room for six months, plus is willing to work with me when I need a
special order or delivery or something.

I agree with the general concensus, that every horse is an individual and if
one product isn't quite right for your horse, try the comparable product
from another manufacturer.  In general, I like the larger manufacturers over
the local feed mill special, my experience has *usually* been that the
formulation is better with the former.

Susan G

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[RC] [Guest] Susan??Senior feed??Purina or Buckeye Maturity???, Ridecamp Guest
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