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[RC] gaits of gaited horses - lisa oberteuffer

on this topic ... I just invested a well-spent $90 in a two-video &
booklet set by david lichman, who is a parelli instructor (which is sort
of beside the point for the videos: he doesn't do any parelli
exercises,just assumes you kind of know about them or at least can get
your horse light, responsive, and loose. he rides mostly bareback with a
rope halter.)

he seems very knowledgeable about gaits and gaited horses--but also not
hung up on particular "methods", which is refreshing. the whole first
video is about gait theory ("BORING" said my husband) which I found
pretty fascinating, since gaited horses are new to my life. (extra
gears! yahoo!)

lichman does assume that you want your gaited horse to go along
smoothly--presumably that's why you bought one, so you don't have to
post :) or to help your bad back :) but he is rather experimental about
the whole thing, no "keep his head up" or "weighted shoes in the front"
etc. he doesn't even get into the whole issue of collection: like
parelli, he thinks that is a later refinement, and that you should learn
first on a loose rein, with a relaxed horse in its own balance.

the only prescriptions are: for pacey horses, teach them to trot (if you
can). for trotty horses, teach them to go fast without trotting.

anyway, I found it a great help! the set can be found on
www.davidlichman.com if anyone is interested.

lisa oberteuffer
santa fe NM
icelandic owner--one pacey, one trotty, and one "just right" tolter

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