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[RC] [RC] [Guest] GPS question - Karen

Ok, I'm getting confused
looking at all the GPS models and would like some
help.  I currently have a Garmin II plus, which is basic
speed/distance and
creates a bread crumb track of where I've been.  I want to
upgrade.  I want
something that has the capability to download the track created as I ride
the computer so that I can print maps of the trails.  Any
suggestions as to
which model would best suit my needs?

Try the garmin website. http://www.garmin.com/  This might help:  http://members.tripod.com/ridephotos/GPS.html  (sorry the pictures aren't loading for some reason). 

A GPS III Plus will do what you want, though I haven't looked into GPS's for some time so there may be some newer models that do more and cost less.  I like the GPS Map 76 model because it fits in a shirt pocket, is easy for me to read and find the buttons on and can take an external antenna (which makes it a whole lot more accurate).  My III Plus also takes an external antenna.  Other models (Vista, I think) do elevation profiling but don't take an external antenna.  So you may get to see how much up and down you did, but it probably won't be very accurate without using an antenna (depending upon the terrain you are riding in).  I do like recording the tracks onto the computer to see where I've been.  Marking waypoints is also pretty simple to do and I find it helpful when I travel long distances with the horses to mark the good stopping spots and that way next time I make the same trip I will know how far it is to a good stopping spot, or whatever.  Lots of handy uses for a GPS.  I have a spreadsheet that breaks down the various models and what they do and will try to send it to you later.   A guy in Reno was on the news last night because he had recorded a really good video of the space shuttle last week and along with it had the sense to record his exact location with a GPS.  NASA said that the report was one of the best three or four reports they received out of thousands.