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[RC] oral glucosamine and vit C - Roger Rittenhouse

I am going the same route.
The Vit C is  'reported' to improve the uptake.. well dont know for
BUT Vit C IS placed in most of the OTC GL supplements, and it is
Easter-C ?? costly why not just a few tabs of the std ascorbic acid?
Most blends appear to use the 5000mg of VitC.
Bet we dont need that much , but can it cause a problem or just pee it

My plan is to use pure GluSa and add some vitC.
Best price I can find is Uckele  2.5 pnd  $89.95 5 to 10 month supply
depending on dose rate    8 oz $19.95- 30 to 60 day.
Appears the normal dose for the GluSa is around 3000mg per day, Some
dose at 5000mg

The 'other' ingredients 'MAY' have some value  but most are for
anti- inflammatory help. I think not needed. Unless there is a

Roger                          mailto:roger@xxxxxxxxxxx

From: "Michelle Fink" <michrowe@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [RC]   oral glucosamine  and vit C

Hi -

I've decided to feed my horse a glucosamine in her mash, and want to get her
started before our first ride of the season.  There's a brand labeled "99%
Glucosamine" which is glucosamine sulfate with no extra stuff in it.  I
thought about starting with that plus Esther-C in my horses' mash.  Does the
extra stuff in the other glucosamine mega-supplements play a key role in
glucosamine uptake?  Is there a recommended amount of vit. C needed to
assist uptake or does the horse produce enough C that supplementation is not

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