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[RC] RE- senior horse feed - Roger Rittenhouse

I have tried almost all the Senior Feeds I could find in East TN.

I have a 31 yr old with TWO teeth, so he gets mush BP chop hay and we
decided on Purina EQUNIE SENIOR. While I do not really care for
Purina  - another issue  - this stuff really does appear to work well
with him
I also add  one of the following fat supplements:
 cup of Equi- Jewel Rice bran  or
 cup of Corn-Flax oil  or
 Nutrena EMPOWER   New item that I can get here.

 SPECS  are  12% protein
 FAT 22%
 label says Rice bran, flaxseed, veggie oil soybean feed, corn, VitE
 all in soft pellet that dissolves fast.
 I feed one pnd of this.

 Current feed is 3# EQ Senior, 2 can dry BP , the above fat, 2
 handful chop hay  4 oz ABC Plus ( I just
 like it) A probotic supplement 1oz, and a immune system supplement


 I have added one oz of a carb supplement a few times per week.

 I soak this mix for 1/2hr, all the pellets melt - I add more water-
 warm in the winter, to make a mush soup.
 Vet came out for coggins etc and really liked how he looks. He still
 runs all over the place...

 I think 'most' eq senior feeds are about the same????
 The digestibility is important and no hard grains - is what I look
 for. I always add water to any pellet feeds to make them dissolve.
Roger                          mailto:roger@xxxxxxxxxxx

Subject: [RC]   [Guest] senior horse feed

susie enduroqueen@xxxxxxxxxxx

Hi everyone.  I am considering giving my endurance mare a supplement this
season.  I went to one of the local feed stores and got an info sheet on
their senior horse feed.  I would love your thoughts:

Protein 14%; Fat 4.5%; Ca .45 - 1.%; Phos .45% with Selenium, ground
limestone, vitamins, minerals and probiotics.

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