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[RC] In the eye of the beholder - Lonnie Ruesch

Hi all,

Recently the old adage "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" has strongly been brought home to me.

I had an absolutly gorgeous pure bred Arab mare - beautiful head, great conformation, sweet disposition, able to trot like the wind. My endurance mentor called her a "stunner." She had the spirit, will, and athletic abilities to be a top ten 50 or 100 mile horse - and in fact had placed 7th in a large volume ride. But I dreaded getting on her, and in the end could not even force myself to do so.

So what I did was trade her. What I have now is a very nice looking part-bred. He has completed some CTR, some LD, and some endurance rides. He has good conformation, a sweet disposition, and is a comfortable "middle-of-the-pack" competitor. Will we ever top ten? It's doubtful, and being a featherweight, I don't see a BC in our future. Do I care - not a wit!! I know he will safely carry me whatever distance I want to do, and we will arrive at the end healthy and happy.

Who got the best horse? That is a no-brainer - we both did! The mare is just what they were looking for, and I couldn't be happier - you could shoot me now and I wouldn't complain except then I couldn't ride Cody! Thank you Marlene and Stace for sending this wonderful creature to me!

My point after all this is: If you have a horse you love (or mule, or donkey, or pony, or whatever!), and you both just love being on the trail w/each other - get out there and just do it, no matter what the distance.


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