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[RC] [RC] Animal Control - Deanna German

I just wanted to say that the Animal Control officers are usually not the bad
guys.? It's the idiots who won't take responsibility for their animals and
allow indiscriminate breeding or dump their animals so they end up someone
else's problem.

Tracy, you speak the truth!!!!

My recent endeavors to foster dogs from shelters and pounds have enlightened
me as to how poorly the spay/neuter message has gotten out. It hasn't!!!
There seems to be a love affair with testicles! The best shelters spay and
neuter before the dogs leave the facility, but most just don't have the
resources, relying on the owner to promise to have it done. (Yeah, right...)

My most recent foster was an adorable Golden mix -- he looks like a black
Golden. He was two days away from being put down. Why? Because he was intact
and thrown into a community pen (again, lack of resources) at a rural
shelter where he proceeded to stir up trouble by trying to hump everything
in sight. I turned this dog into a well-mannered housepet in a manner of 5
weeks. He was that easy to train and that willing to please. He was neutered
before he was re-homed.

Dog foster care is overwhelmed right now by the large number of dogs that
have been abandoned because they become such a bother during this busy
season. Wow, imagine this holiday to-do list:
1. Bake cookies
2. Wrap gifts
3. Get rid of the dog

Warms the heart, doesn't it?

Spread the word to spay and neuter! If you breed, very young dogs can be
spayed or neutered now, so it could be done before they go to their new
home. If you don't want to do that, charge more then give a rebate when the
new owner provides proof of spaying/neutering. If you don't think that
people will want your pups under those conditions, then you shouldn't be
breeding dogs!

Off my soapbox now.


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